September 28, 2014

About us

The dance mafia is a young institute that provides quality dance training to people from the age of 3 to 70.We, at dance mafia believe that no one is too young or too old to learn dance, with the help of 8 professional choreographers we guarantee you will enjoy your time with us.

The dance mafia prides itself on providing high-quality teaching standards and we will do everything we can to make dancing both educational and fun with great opportunities for all of our students.we are one of the best dance academy in Mohali.

Our classes will help you get rid of your inhibitions, will help you workout and remain fit, you’ll be working on your flexibility and strength at the same time, along with doing a cardio and you’ll definitely enjoy it. Keeping in mind an important part of the process, you will gain knowledge and learning of an art form called –‘Dance’.

Why Dance Mafia is the best dance academy in Mohali?

There may be lots of dance academy in Mohali but because of the following reasons we are the best academy in Mohali

  • We have over 15 years of experience.
  • We are friendly and professional.
  • We choreograph Air acts, fire act, UV act, Shadow dance and sports drills.
  • We are excellent in handling large number of students.
  • We Choreograph dance performances with Latest training methods.
  • We are equipped with in-depth knowledge of all cultural (National and International) dance forms.
  • We help Students develop their overall confidence.
  • Provide props, dance costumes, High quality music editing.
  • We Choreograph Unique performances using our own creativity.
  • We have links with the Bollywood industry, if required we can provide you with choreographers from the same.
  • Many of our customers are through referrals.
  • If you have limited amount of time, we can train your students in our studio.
  • We provide both part time and full time choreographers.
  • We also provide choreographers for evening and Hobby classes.

4 thoughts on “About us

  • By watching your videos on YouTube I hv been became a big big fan of the the dance mafia grp…..i wish that i could also be the part of the dance grp like yours….but unfortunatly this will not be done soooo….because of some reasons.
    I am also a good dancer that what people says and want to learn more in my life. Till now i didnt hv been learn dance by anyone,i hd learn by my self or my watching. I wish that i also could learn dance. Its my 1st dearm of my life to become a popular dancer.

  • Hello Esha,
    Thanks for watching and appreciating our videos . we make these videos for the guys like you who can learn dance at home. About your dreams just follow your dreams and you can surly become a popular dancer very soon. thanks for your support and love .

  • hey to the entire grup of Dance Mafia

    well what should i say,
    ur dances are amazing rather they are phenomenal .. they are synchronized and the beats are amazing… Well im a born dancer and i am actually from delhi, if u all want i can send u my videos and u can tell how is it !!! Boys and Girls keep up the wonderful work and if possible maybe i can i have ur contacts nos so that i can be intouch with u all !! Dancing is my passion and now im going to turn it into a profession ! Also if u want for future undertanding about me and my dance u can always msg me on my email id :

    Dance is my passion and whenever i see ur videos i see the passion in ur dance and not only that ” THE LOVE FOR DANCE “.
    now u re my idols for dance !! well i do- jazz, contemporary and bollywood !!!!!! All my friends says to me that i should take part in dance shows !!


  • All the dance performances I have seen till now are amazing. The new dance culture that is emerging is great and the dedication and work of the entire THE DANCE MAFIA team in that regard is worth appreciation. KEEP ROCKING

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