August 26, 2017

Fitness workouts

Give yourself an hour of fitness workout every evening after school/college/work. Benefits of fitness workout are well known – it opens your body, gives you flexibility, energies your day and helps you lose weight.if you are looking for the best fitness Center in Mohali or chandigarh then Dance mafia is the best option for you

Both Aerobics and Zumba are great fitness workouts and which one is best for you depends on your body and on what you want your fitness workout to deliver for you. If you’re looking for rock solid abs, muscle training and fat loss at the same time, then go for Aerobics, whereas if you’re looking for an overall lean, fit body and no particular emphasis on muscle building, then go for Zumba.

Aerobics is 5 times and week and Zumba is thrice a week, which means Aerobics will burn more fat during the week and may be a better idea for people who want to lose weight rapidly. Here is a small article that will help you decide which one is best for youLong term benefits of aerobics include good rounded health and weight control. Join The Dance Mafia and meet like-minded people in a friendly and healthy environment with some of Chandigarh’s finest aerobics instructors. All studios are air conditioned, have filtered drinking waters. We also provide fitness balls, dumbbells and yoga mats or you can bring your own yoga mats .

Also we introduce a new form cardio that is  Bhangra cardio. Bhangra is a fun and highly energetic form of Punjabi dance. Simply mix it with high intensity cardio exercises, and you get yourself one of the most effective workouts! Besides getting your heart pumping, Bhangra  Cardio  finds a way to target parts of your body you might not even realize it can. The upbeat music along with some lightbulbs moves, are sure to get your feet tapping.