September 28, 2014

Wedding Choreography

Our wedding choreography service  is Lead by  Rips Sidhu Wedding Choreographer Chandigarh. Rips sidhu is  known for its choreography, timeliness and for its capability to compose dance based on the individual. As wedding choreography is fashion now a day and being a leader in this field we have a big team of wedding choreographers for our precious clients.Rips sidhu is the one of the best wedding choreographer in Chandigarh.
Whether it’s your wife or husband, parents, grand-parents or cousins, we know what will suit who.We have received great reviews for our wedding choreography services. We have back drop dancers, emcees and some of Chandigarh most respected choreographers. Whether it’s Bhangra,couple dance,Jaggo, Bollywood, western, indian folk, we can get you to perform it all.

Dance Mafia wedding Choreography services

  • Dhula-Dulhan Dance : Dhula-Dulhan are the center of attraction in a wedding and our choreography is centered on making the couple look graceful.
  • Complete family dance : Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Friends and Grand-parents choreography
  • Ladies Sangeet : Plan the Ladies Sangeet or Mehndi ki raat with family and friends. And feel the pace and coordination of dance.
  • Family awards : The laziest award of the house goes to ‘Happy’. You can think of many such humorous and hilarious awards and invite cheers.
  • Fashion show : Set the ramp on fire! Who do not wants to seem like those zero figure models? Fulfill all your desires in the wedding fun and have your very own ramp walk show – walk the way you always wanted to on ramp.
  • Games : Special games can be played with different props to be used in dancing. ‘Pass-the-pillow’game can be played with music, and every time one gets out can dance on the song of bride/groom’s choice. Musical chair is one good game too, you will be surprised to see the child within everybody!

How to get started?

  • If you are  a wedding couple and just want to get a 3-4 minute dance performance prepared with the help of our expert wedding choreographers, then contact us.
  • Call those people and ask if they’d be willing to dance. Do tell them that it is a time commitment and that they will need to spare a minimum of 1 hour on 6 different days to be able to participate.
  • You can also make a list of your favourite songs and try to think of the groups of people and which songs they’ll be dancing to. Once we meet, we’ll give you some ideas on songs, but it’s good to have thought about it once before we meet.
  • If you want a BIG FAMILY DANCE, create a list of all family members – cousins, uncles, aunties, grand parents etc who will be coming to the event – you will need this list for invitations anyway, someone may have already made it.

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